4 Benefits Of An Automated Self-Service Advertising Portal For Publishers

Advertising serves as a crucial revenue stream for publishers, yet managing customers' demands can take a significant amount of staff time and effort. A self-service advertising portal allows customers to create, schedule and pay for ads directly in your media channels without your intervention. Removing the need for person-to-person negotiations, such automation saves you both time and money.


A full range of adverts can be managed through self-service, including classifieds, private sales, retail offers and personal announcements, tributes and obituaries. And the automated system provides consistent output across print, digital and social media. So, let's look at the four main benefits of automated self-service advertising in a little more detail.

1. Self Service

Self-service means that customers manage virtually all aspects of the advertising production and delivery process themselves. The process uses predefined templates with customisations for aspects like branding, colours, and fonts. This templating system ensures that data, style and format are consistent across the three main publishing channels - print, digital and social media. A whole range of content types is supported, from tributes and obituaries to classifieds, car or property sales, and local retail adverts.

The portal is accessible to customers 24/7 so they may conveniently pay for and schedule their adverts at any time without needing direct human interaction. The only ongoing responsibility you may choose to take on as the publisher is to check content for expletives or other inappropriate language or content.

2. Time Savings

A self-service advertising system removes the need for human interaction between customer and publisher. Users interact directly with the portal, with no need for negotiations or confirmations by telephone or email. Time-consuming back-and-forth conversations between you and the customer are bypassed as most aspects of the process are predefined. This streamlining makes the process easier for users and frees up precious staff time and resources for you, the publisher.

3. Accountability

Content accountability can often pose challenges for publishers, but self-service advertising shifts the ultimate responsibility solely to the customer. By allowing customers to determine the content of their own advertisements, they become the final point of accountability for any potential sensitivity issues that may arise. Publishers can therefore find reassurance in knowing that they are not held responsible in the event of problems.

4. Cost Savings

With an ever-expanding range of advertising possibilities, maintaining revenues from ads can be a problem for publishers. However, by using a self-service advertising portal, publishers can streamline the production of adverts and delivery with consistent formats and integrations. Creation, payment and scheduling can all be automated, removing costly staff overheads and liabilities. By facilitating delivery across a range of formats - print, digital, and social media - the portal ensures comprehensive revenue generation opportunities, significantly enhancing profit margins with each ad placement.

Next Steps

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