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In the competitive world of online and printed media, high-quality content is essential for securing new audiences and extending your brand authority. At Papermule, our feature-rich Digital Asset Management (DAM) and workflow automation engine underpins our workflow solutions, helping organisations to achieve greater efficiency, strengthen their brand, and drive revenue growth. - 2022-09-01T115945.508
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Highly configurable and extendible to meet your organisation’s needs.

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Stores any digital asset while maintaining extensive metadata and inter-asset relationships.

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Mirrors and enhances your working practices.

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Retains the approaches and vocabulary with which your users are familiar.

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Delivers consistency in quality and provision.

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Complete version control and automated asset life span management.

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Alongside our DAM, we incorporate several commercial and open-source solutions to check and derive content in parallel formats, including:

➢ Automated Template driven media creation from variable data (PDF, WEB ads etc).

➢ Variable resolution image and video preview and thumbnail generation from images, pdfs and video formats.

➢ Optimised PDFs from print variants.

➢ Application-derived publishable formats (PDF, JPEG, EPS from the likes of InDesign, Quark, Word, etc).

How Our DAM Solutions Can Benefit Your Organisation

With our Digital Asset Management, you can:

➢ Organise content in a single system to reduce costs and improve collaboration.

➢ Identify and deduplicate assets while tracking ownership to clients, jobs or departments.

➢ Streamline your workflow for sharing and approving proofs and receiving feedback.

➢ Track and report on progress identifying late deadline challenges and supply chain issues.

➢ Securing brand consistency across multiple creators and digital formats.

➢ Consolidate unused tools in a single location to reduce costs and improve consistency.

➢ Automate repeat jobs and find previous content easily.

➢Capture and track asset versions with easy central management and revision restoration tools

➢ Trace user and client input and decisions when audits around the process is required.

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Papermule is the country’s leading provider of Digital Asset Management solutions for the media and publishing industry, with more than a century of combined experience helping organisations streamline their digital workflows.

To find out more about our Digital Asset Management, please call us today on 01379650330 or send us an enquiry for a prompt and professional response.

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What is the difference between a DAM and a CMS?

A CMS typically stores and drives content to a website affording the user the ability to edit the textual content within it. A DAM, on the other hand, focuses on the storing, cataloguing and often process managing of media assets across an entire business and may even feed some to a CMS for publication. A DAM will typically include extensive metadata indexing and search capabilities along with services to derive additional digital formats from the source. 

Why use a DAM?

When the volume of content and team size outgrow a simple local file server and searching for, versioning, replacing or finding where a digital asset has been used becomes difficult you need a DAM. File servers are great but are hugely restrictive in the folder structures they can portray and the additional metadata they can store. More importantly, there are difficulties in making a file server searchable or giving it the ability to maintain the relationships between the assets themselves. Think about how you might track the use of a picture or logo over the last 3 years using just a file server. A DAM solution typically hides the storage structures and presents an asset-based view of projects, collections or related assets and opens up an array of ways to search for and investigate its previous usage along with managing extensive metadata attributes. Where did it come from, when, who approved it, where it's been used etc should all be easily answered questioned from a reputable DAM system. 

The benefits of DAM?

Time and Money! DAM’s save users huge amounts of time trying to find, share, process and reuse often expensive digital assets. Being able to see an asset's history, ownership (rights management) and previous usage without having to trawl through many folders or other tracking docs saves not only money but staff frustrations and time! Financially, being able easily to identify and reuse previously purchased digital assets rather than constantly re-purchasing is also very savvy!

Does your DAM work with InDesign?

Absolutely! Whilst Papermule’s DAM can store any digital file it works particularly well with a variety of creative applications but especially Adobe’s suite and InDesign. InDesign extensions help automate many human processes and provide integrations with other Adobe applications like InCopy. Papermule’s InDesign extension will ensure layouts are created to spec and content exported correctly without human intervention or input. 

Can you host a DAM for us?

Yes, we can provide solutions that are entirely hosted using Amazon's AWS infrastructure but we’ll also do the usage analysis and provide costings for on-premises as well since hosting large volumes of creative assets for prolonged periods in the cloud and the incurred data transfer charges can often outweigh the on-premises costs.

How Our Workflows solve Problems

What Our Clients Say


“Progress has been good and we are already seeing a number of ads coming through the system without the need for chasing and any other involvement from dmg::media staff."
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John Tucker, DMG Media


Papermule is now a vital part of the future of ad delivery for publishers. We hope this leads to a new era of efficiency, improved customer service for all of our clients."
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Tom Fletcher, News UK


"TMG are fully supportive of Papermule as a major step forward in the beneficial communications between Publisher and Advertiser.”
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Barry Finch, The Telegraph

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