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“Progress has been good and we are already seeing a number of ads coming through the system without the need for chasing and any other involvement from dmg::media staff."
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John Tucker, DMG Media


Papermule is now a vital part of the future of ad delivery for publishers. We hope this leads to a new era of efficiency, improved customer service for all of our clients."
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Tom Fletcher, News UK


"TMG are fully supportive of Papermule as a major step forward in the beneficial communications between Publisher and Advertiser.”
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Barry Finch, The Telegraph

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Why Integrate Your Digital Asset Management Platform/System?

November 2023

Managing a growing library of digital assets like images, videos, documents, and more can be challenging. A DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform is invaluable for centralising digital content in one secure location, allowing greater organisation and easier access than depending on locally ...

A graphic showing the digital asset workflow journey

What Is The Digital Asset Workflow Journey?

October 2023

All Digital Asset Management (DAM) software platforms use an in-built sequence of content management steps or tasks, each organised and automated using digital tools to accomplish a specific business process. This is the essence of a digital workflow and can include anything from asset creation to ...

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Why Managing Advertising Workflows Saves Publishers Time and Money

October 2023

Automating complex print and digital advertising workflows can streamline numerous mundane tasks, delivering significant time and cost savings. This frees a publisher’s team to focus on more strategic and creative aspects while eliminating inefficiencies. In this article, we look at the ways in ...