Increase your advertising revenues and customer engagement with AdPortal and MarketPlace

Papermule are official UK distributors for AdPortlal and MarketPlace from iPublishMedia, the world’s leading self-serve platform for advertisers.

What is Self-serve Advertising?

Papermule are official UK distributors for AdPortlal and MarketPlace from iPublishMedia, the world’s leading self-serve platform for advertisers.

Introducing iPublishMedia

iPublishMedia provides an integrated Self-serve Advertising system for sellers of advertising space for classifieds, private sales, and personal announcements, with automated publishing options for end users covering a range of print, digital, and social media advertising channels.

iPublishMedia is one of the best Self-serve Advertising platforms currently available on the market and if you sell any of the following adverts or announcement types we can greatly streamline your process.

❖ Obituaries

❖ Tributes

❖ Private real estate adverts

❖ Automotive sales

❖ Local retail adverts

❖ Celebration notices

❖ Classified ads

❖ Marketplace adverts

❖ Public notices

The platform includes three modules for different types of display advert – available as a cost-effective bundle:

1) iPublish AdPortal

AdPortal allows you to manage multiple advertising packages for display adverts from a single user dashboard, with an easy-to-use interface for customers and a combined billing mechanism.

➢ Unique URL for each advert or announcement

➢ Custom branding, colours, and fonts.

➢ Integrate any combination of digital, social media, and print advertising into a unified workflow with a single transaction.

➢ Manage all your advertising packages within the platform.

➢ Integration with all leading front-end advertising and pagination systems.

➢ Secure payment interface compatible with leading online payment providers and debit/credit card merchants.

2) iPublish Classified

iPublish Classified enables Self-serve Advertising providers to organise and process a wide range of classified adverts for print, digital, and social media publication channels – saving time and money and simplifying billing for your customers.

✓ Compatible with print liners, semi-display liners, digital display listings, Facebook adverts, and more.

✓ Increase free to paid conversions among your classified customers.

✓ Encourage print-digital-social media advertising cross sales.

3) iPublish Marketplace

iPublish Marketplace is a Self-serve Advertising tool for retailers of advertising space for private sales and personal announcements - primarily self-serve digital advertising for social media, but it can also manage combined packages that include print channels if required.

➢ Integrates with all premium social media marketplace applications, including Facebook Marketplace and Twitter.

➢ End users can search for products by category or by direct search, using a dedicated micro-site, with an individual URL for each listing.

➢ Increases click through rates, page views, and advertising revenue.

Combined advertising solutions for easy publishing and maximum visibility

Papermule have worked in partnership with iPublishMedia for over 30 years and are proud to offer complete interoperability between our platforms and the solutions offered by our businesses. 

Together, we offer advertising businesses a winning combination of convenience, accessibility, and visibility for a wide range of classified and personal adverts, lowering costs for end users and improving engagement.

Find out more

To find out more about the iPublish suite and the benefits of using these valuable Self-serve Advertising and announcement tools as a managed service through Papermule, please call 01379650330.

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“Progress has been good and we are already seeing a number of ads coming through the system without the need for chasing and any other involvement from dmg::media staff."
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John Tucker, DMG Media


Papermule is now a vital part of the future of ad delivery for publishers. We hope this leads to a new era of efficiency, improved customer service for all of our clients."
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Tom Fletcher, News UK


"TMG are fully supportive of Papermule as a major step forward in the beneficial communications between Publisher and Advertiser.”
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Barry Finch, The Telegraph

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