AdDesk- The complete advertising management solution for media outlets and publishers.

AdDesk Papermule’s advertising copy-chasing, content receipt, creation, and matching DAM solution which enables media outlets and publishers to automate and streamline the process of receiving, matching, and managing advertisements across multiple channels.

As a fully scalable and resilient digital advertising solution, AdDesk delivers a healthy Return on Investment (ROI) by:

▪ Improving workflow efficiency, organisation, and visibility.

 Promoting high-quality production.

Mitigating and eliminating production errors.

 Automating many tasks and integration points

Reducing costs while delivering more accurate and quicker outcomes.

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Product Features

❖ A complete web-based solution accessible through any device – all you need is an Internet connection.

❖ Available as a hosted or an on-premise solution with AD/LDAP/Okta integrated account authentication.

Can be combined with additional optional modules (AdBuilder, AdGenerator, Callas PDF Pre-flight, PADN, MediaPortal).

❖ Accepts sales order data feeds from all recognised advertising channels.

❖ Transcribes Sales ‘Intents’ into Production grade data embellishing with rich media formatting information (multipage, bleed, trim, regional and copy split variants).

❖ Links unmatched content to booking records.

❖ Automatic, semi-automatic and manual copy matching.

❖ CRM which is automatically populated from integrated systems and production staff

❖ Predictive Artificial Intelligence engine identifies advertisers who should be asked to supply content according to brands or publications.



So that AdDesk can embed seamlessly into your business workflows and operations, it integrates with many industry-leading platforms, including:

✓ Booking platforms: AdPoint, AdTaker, Atex, CCI, BrightMedia, Salesworks, Shuttleworth, Sii 

✓ Preflight/checking tools: Asura, Callas, Twist

Planning tools: MediaPlanner, Journal Designer

MediaSupply Chain Vendors: AdFast, AdStream, Specle, Qmuli

Publishing Platforms: Atex, Censhare, DTi, Google, Methode, Naviga, Passendo

Creative Tools: Supports all Applications (plugins for Adobe InDesign, InCopy) 

PADN - Publishers Advertising Data Network

Supply chain vendors (AdStream, Specle, Qmuli) can show their users, in real-time, advertising placements that partaking publishers are expecting from them.

PADN streamlines and automates many of the existing copy chasing tasks - from identifying the supply chain and sharing the data to confirming the delivery schedule. This takes tasks away from both the publisher and media house. PADN updates records in corresponding AdDesk platforms giving the publisher visibility of the process.

Since PADN shares unique advertising referencing numbers, copy supplied via the PADN data route (via the vendors AdStream, Specle and Qmuli) will be automatically processed on reception and in most cases simply queued for human approval and automated release to the publishing platform.

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With more than 100 years of combined experience providing streamlined workflow solutions, Papermule is the UK’s leading digital asset management provider for the media and publishing industry.

To learn how AdDesk could benefit your business, please call us today on 01379 650330 or send us an enquiry.

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What Our Clients Say


“Progress has been good and we are already seeing a number of ads coming through the system without the need for chasing and any other involvement from dmg::media staff."
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John Tucker, DMG Media


Papermule is now a vital part of the future of ad delivery for publishers. We hope this leads to a new era of efficiency, improved customer service for all of our clients."
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Tom Fletcher, News UK


"TMG are fully supportive of Papermule as a major step forward in the beneficial communications between Publisher and Advertiser.”
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Barry Finch, The Telegraph

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