5 Reasons Why A Self-Service Advertising Portal Reduces Publisher Costs

A self-service advertising portal is a solution through which publishers customers can create and manage their own advertisement content.


A self-service advertising portal consolidates a range of tools that publishers can provide to their customers allowing them to manage digital assets, purchase, build, proof, edit, customise, and schedule ads quickly and more cost effectively.

In this article, we look at the five main ways that a self-service advertising portal, such as Papermule, can save publishers time and money compared with manual production or agency outsourcing.

1) Get Your Adverts Right First Time

A self-service advertising portal will ensure that all your advertising content is supplied correctly and is fit for purpose – first time around, and that adverts are created accurately and without technical errors. This saves a huge amount of wasted time for publishers in an often endless cycle of proof and amendments, which greatly helps in improving profit margins on the often lower revenue advertising.

2) Reduced Staffing Needs

Advertising and content management is a notoriously time and resource intensive process in many publishing businesses. A self-service advertising portal, therefore, can help you reduce your staffing requirements by giving advertisers instant access to the resources and tools they need to create and manage their own advertising content. By cutting out the middleman, you can offer a simplified and convenient advertising experience to your customers while simultaneously reducing overhead costs – allowing you to be more competitive.

3) Shares Responsibility

A self-service advertising portal passes responsibility for creating and managing advertising content from you, the publisher, to the individual advertisers with regards to the quality of the content, image use and cropping, grammar, spelling etc. Many platforms come with pre-built templating tools to help advertisers maintain high quality standards with their adverts without as much direct input from you and your team and are generally designed to be user-friendly and straightforward to use. This streamlines and shortens the advert creation process, while reducing production costs and sustaining content quality.

4) Better Customer Satisfaction And Reduced Errors

A self-service advertising portal is a good way to increase your customer engagement and satisfaction levels among advertisers, through reducing the number of content errors, and ensuring that each ad meets the exact specifications of each customer. Advertising portals bring publishers into a world that never slows down, with around the clock customer service and availability more often sought by todays advertisers. This has several ongoing benefits for your business, including positive reviews and customer referrals, increased customer loyalty and lifetime value, and a lower risk of errors – with fewer refunds and credits.

5) Easy Online Payments

Online payments are straightforward and convenient for both advertisers and publishers, giving advertisers real-time control over their budget, and ensuring that your publishing outgoings are completely aligned to your income, without any cash flow delays. A good self-serve advertising platform will provide a range of online payment integrations and processing options for a faster and more convenient way for users to pay for their advertising service. This can often save you time and on costs by reducing your administrative burden.

Next Steps

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