5 Benefits Of Automating Your Publishing Workflow Management

Workflow automation is the process of using software to streamline and optimise your publishing and content management processes. In the publishing industry, effective workflow management is essential to ensure that your content is high-quality and produced on time. One of the most cost-effective ways of optimising your publishing workflows is by investing in digital workflow software that automates many of the core tasks and reduces the manual administrative burden on your content management team.


There are numerous benefits of automating your publishing workflow management, which we will explore in this article:

1) Creates Better Communication

Workflow software ensures that your team is well connected, increasing productivity, and ensuring mistakes from miscommunication are kept to a minimum.

The first benefit you’ll see from automating your publishing workflow management is better communication between you and your team, and between your suppliers and publication partners. When everyone is on the same page throughout the workflow, it's easier to make sure that tasks are completed properly and on time. Automating your workflow through publishing workflow software also allows you to quickly share updates with your team members so that they're always up-to-date on the latest changes – even when working remotely.

2) Increases Productivity

With workflow software, the exact instructions can be conveyed to individuals to complete their tasks in the correct way, within the required timeframe. By reducing the time required for briefing and management, tasks can be completed to a higher standard, reducing the need for reworks or in the case of engaging with the supply chain or partners its removing that further back and forth communication. With this constant back and forth cut down, it means there is more time to get things done.

A key benefit of automating your publishing workflow management processes, therefore, is that it increases productivity and ensures consistent quality or standards. By automating core manual tasks, you can free up time for other important aspects of your business that benefit from creative thinking and direct intervention. In addition, automating your publishing workflow can help you avoid errors and wasted time spent identifying and fixing those errors.

3) Creates Trust

Workflow software allows managers to delegate a wider range of tasks to employees without moment-to-moment supervision, as tasks are more clearly defined. This removes the need for micromanagement and builds trust between employees and managers.

Automating your publishing workflow management processes can also cultivate greater trust between you and your supply and publishing partners. When team members and stakeholders know that they can rely on the system to keep track of tasks and deadlines, they're more likely to trust the system—and you – to deliver the agreed outcomes without continually checking in to ensure that everything is on track.

4) Removes Unnecessary Files

It is common in publishing that copies of the same file appear in duplicate sources due to miscommunication. With workflow software, it allows all stakeholders to see work updating in real time, reducing the likelihood of digital clutter, and avoiding duplication of labour.

Another benefit of automating your publishing workflow management is that it removes unnecessary files from your system. By consolidating all your publishing tasks and file versions into one central location, you can streamline your file structure and make it easier for people to find the files they need, when they need them – again reducing wasted time and unnecessary communications that delay the process.

5) Saves Time And Money

Finally, automating your publishing workflow management through dedicated software can save you time and money at every stage of the publishing process, both short-term and long-term. By investing in a high-quality automation system now, you can avoid costly mistakes and wasted resources down the road. In addition, automating your publishing workflow can help you improve efficiency and cut down on expenses, reducing your overheads and helping you better manage your prices to remain competitive.

Next Steps

There are many benefits of automating your publishing workflow management. From increased productivity to stronger relationships of trust between you and your team, automation can help streamline your business operations, with tangible benefits to both productivity and efficiency. To find out more about our digital workflow solutions for the publishing sector, please contact us today.

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