3 Reasons Your Business Should Implement Digital Workflows

Time is your most precious asset in news media production and advertising management but is also – all too frequently – the scarcest commodity.


If you’ve found that a disproportionate amount of your time is tied up managing daily tasks and routine workflows at the expense of creating real value, then a good way to increase efficiency and productivity is by implementing a digital media workflow solution.

A digital workflow will automate a wide range of processes and tasks, helping you streamline your daily operations while also boosting throughput. You’ll also save time and stress in the process! In this article, we will look at the three main advantages of implementing a digital workflow strategy in a newspaper/magazine advertising production environment.

1) Automation And Streamlining

First and foremost, digital workflow management involves simplifying and automating key manual tasks involved in day-to-day workflows. This is a huge time and cost saving benefit, because automation reduces the amount of labour and manual processes involved with advertising management and improves accuracy as well as speed. Through integration, data extraction and automated data entry, approvals, and asset processing, for example, you will save hours every day and free up time and resources to devote to other strategic tasks. As a by-product this automation and streamlining ensures assets meet the businesses compliance and quality standards.

An automated solution also makes it easier to quickly scale up or down in response to demand without having to hire new staff, take on new responsibilities, or put in extra hours – the result being a more agile department with the ability to respond rapidly to changing market conditions and opportunities.

2) Increased Productivity

Digital workflows not only save time, but can also help boost productivity by simplifying, consolidating, and streamlining processes, and reducing the number of mundane tasks and the steps involved. By cutting out unnecessary steps in your daily advertising workflow process, you can focus on the more value driven tasks. Productivity and streamlining is closely tied in with automation. While automation frees up valuable time for important projects or initiatives, streamlining increases the amount of productive work that can be completed within each working day, helping you and your team get more done in less time.

3) Fewer Errors And Mistakes

Manual processes all come with the inherent risk of human error, the risk multiplying with each repetition. A digital workflow management tool can enforce standards compliance and manage the storage, access and retention of now centrally stored assets, while dramatically reducing the associated human risks. A digital media workflow platform can all but remove the risk of data loss or corruption due to human error or system malfunction since your data, and that of your customers, will be stored securely in the cloud and accessed seamlessly from any device with an internet connection. Version control within your digital workflow management tool should allow any asset to revert to a previous state ensuing they remain available in their original format.

Advertising Workflow Solutions From Papermule

At Papermule, our advertising workflow solutions are designed to automate many of the processes and provide busy executives with oversight and reporting tools allowing them to get more done with their time. Better organisation and productivity, with less requirement for manual intervention allows key staff greater flexibility enabling them to better focus on strategic tasks.

To find out more about the benefits of our digital workflow management platforms and how they can help you, please get in touch to book a free consultation.

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