Self-service e-Commerce For Publishers: How It Works

As the publishing industry continues to evolve, so too does its need to deliver an ever broader and more complex web of interrelated offline and digital content channels. With increasing overheads and squeezes on advertising spend, publishers are increasingly looking for more efficient ways to engage their advertisers and provision those services profitably. Taking a leaf out of the ‘Ryanair’ model, self-service e-commerce solutions for publishers offer a long-term and sustainable approach to streamlining the process, providing a simple, easy-to-use approach to creating and submitting advertising content for print, online, and social media.


In this article, we will discuss self-service advertising and introduce leading software solutions from our partner iPublishmedia.

What Is A Self-service Advertising Platform?

A self-service advertising platform is a branded SaaS solution that allows advertisers to create, target, schedule and manage an advertising campaign across a mix of media without needing personal interaction with the publisher. The system is designed to be as intuitive to access as possible, guiding advertisers through a journey with a user-friendly interface that manages everything from booking to creation and, ultimately, payment. Advertisers can quickly and easily create ads using customisable digital templates, proof, schedule and pay 24/7 with no additional burden on a publisher’s resources. The solution integrates with many advertising management platforms and payment gateways and cuts out intermediaries typically involved in the process, reducing overheads for the vendor and improving profit margins, particularly for low-revenue aspects of the advertising industry. The two sides of the coin are AdPortal and MarketPlace.

The iPublishMedia solutions are presented in two halves – AdPortal for advertiser order management and MarketPlace, which enables publishers to present those digital ads in a branded and appropriate fashion.

Whether it’s classifieds, obituaries, legal or public notices or even property, AdPortal can be configured to present and build publisher-styled advertisements to spec, manage the scheduling, pricing and publishing to a variety of media channels offering upsells and cross media promotions and feeds to social media and advertising platforms.

MarketPlace is one of many destinations that AdPortal can drive and provides publishers with a way to present everything from obituaries to classifieds either on a dedicated site or within an iframe within their website. The innovative integration with social media platforms adds an extra dimension to the advertising experience, augmenting the value of marketplace listings and helping publishers draw a greater audience to their MarketPlace offerings. Publishers can leverage various social media channels to expand their reach across multiple platforms, effortlessly reaching new audiences and markets.

The approach has proven to help grow the audience and increase site traffic and in turn, revenues. MarketPlace can also be seamlessly populated with ad content from other platforms, allowing AdPortal and other channels to be combined in a merged presentation.

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Self-service eCommerce for publishers is the perfect tool for newspapers looking to reduce overheads while increasing print and digital advertising revenue and offering their readership a unique and comprehensive experience. Please contact Papermule today to learn more about our partnership with iPublishmedia and how we can support your newspaper's advertising needs.

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