The Telegraph Rolls Out Self-Service Announcements

Papermule Ltd and iPublish Media Inc have partnered with The Telegraph to implement a cutting-edge self-service announcement portal. The collaboration introduces the iPublish AdPortal, an intuitive, user-friendly platform that empowers readers to create, schedule, and pay for print and online personal announcements such as births, marriages and anniversaries.


The innovative portal streamlines and automates the entire process, significantly reducing

manual interventions and checks previously required, enabling improved internal operations.


Leah Stitson, Senior Director of Commercial Operations, The Telegraph said; “Through this partnership, The Telegraph continues to strengthen its position at the forefront of digital innovation whilst enhancing reader experience."


“The beautifully designed announcement platform provides an intuitive and easy-to-navigate portal for readers to submit their notices.”

Mike Hoy, Managing Director, Papermule Ltd, said: “It has been a privilege to collaborate with The Telegraph, and this project has fundamentally transformed their announcement services for readers and internal processes. By removing manual interventions and checks, we have streamlined notice publication, making it more efficient and convenient for both The Telegraph and its readers.”

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